UNGEGN Working Groups

Under the umbrella of UNGEGN, several working groups have been created to follow up topics and issues which cut across the Divisional structure of UNGEGN. In addition, UNGEGN has a Task Team for Africa and coordinates the work of countries in developing their Toponymic Guidelines. In the short outlines that follow, the Convenor of each Working Group is indicated and can be contacted for more details.

1.   Working Group on Country Names

2.   Working Group on Toponymic Data Files and Gazetteers

3.   Working Group on Toponymic Terminology

4.   Working Group on Publicity and Funding

5.   Working Group on Romanization Systems

6.   Working Group on Training Courses in Toponymy

7.   Working Group on Evaluation and Implementation

8.   Working Group on Exonyms

9.   Working Group on Pronunciation

10. Working Group on Geographical Names as Cultural Heritage

A. Task Team for Africa

B. Toponymic Guidelines for Map and Other Editors for International Use

Other UNGEGN Working Groups that have been created, fulfilled their functions, and been disbanded, include:

  • Names of undersea and maritime features
  • Extraterrestrial topographic names