Generic Terms of UNGEGN ASE Division


Generic terms is a divisional project as a tribute to Prof. Jacub Rais. The Generic terms used in the standardization of the geographical names need to be compiled. It is important that this project must be implemented by all the members due to the historical background that the language used by some of the ASE Division member countries derives from the same root, which is the Austronesian language of Malayo-Polynesian language. At present, the glossary of generic terms has only been filled by Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei Darussalam, and Philippines. To download file, please click link below:

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Draft Updating Generic Terms of UNGEGN ASE Division


Enrich the glossary of generic  terms used in Asia South East Region as a tool to engage the connection between countries in the region that has the same root on the Malayo-Polynesian or Austronesian languages.

[Draft] Generic Term.xlsx